The South Tulsa Children's Ballet was created in 2002.

Why It Was Started:

The South Tulsa Children's Ballet was created because there were limited opportunities for children to perform in a professional atmosphere. Also, not all of the Nutcracker performances produced are based on the traditional Nutcracker story which South Tulsa Children's Ballet wanted to maintain. Any child that participates in this production will have many fond memories they can cherish forever from their childhood. The South Tulsa Children's Ballet is mainly comprised of children. The party scene has parents, however, the main roles are given strictly to children. Every child that auditions will be given a part regardless of the number of years they have danced from beginner to elite we have a part for everyone. Every child is accepted regardless if they have a handicap or learning disability. There are no rehearsal, lesson or costume fees to participate in this production. All costumes, props, etc. are supplied by the South Tulsa Children's Ballet. There is only a $20.00 fee to cover the costs of mailing out the contracts. It is through the help of the many donations and volunteers who help make this production one you will not want to miss! Miss Farry had the idea for the Children’ s Nutcracker and she was encouraged by Duane Summers, her financial advisor, to make the opportunity available to all children in the community and to all dance studios, not just the Dance Pointe.

South Tulsa Children's Ballet

9353 E. 95th Court, Tulsa, OK